8+ Top Anonymous Texting Apps [Check Partner Loyalty]

Looking for Best Anonymous Texting Apps to send text to your Partner? This post will have crucial information on Best Anonymous Texting Apps. There are various factors, and individuals require to send texts hiding their phone numbers. Usually, business officers and companies need to use this type of service to send texts to the customers to share the offers and provides they supply. But lots of people want to use this sort of service for fun and other important factors. Nevertheless, if you require help like that, maybe the very best anonymous texting apps will assist you most easily.

Is It Actually Legally Right to Use an Anonymous Texting or Calling App?

There is no legal problem in sending out text anonymously or making a call from a personal number in most cases. Basically, these sort of interacting services are used by organization companies to let individuals understand about their brand-new offers and offers. Also, individuals utilize these apps to make texts and call them untraceable and secret. If this sort of act doesn’t hamper others in any way, there won’t be a problem concerning the anonymous text or call.

But numerous careless individuals use these apps to interrupt others and for other illegal problems. In these circumstances, the victim can be content with the security officers, and they can trace the senders quickly with the help of the security AI of the particular federal government.

So, we will always recommend you use these apps just for your business purposes or just for fun. Please make sure that your work won’t damage others, and you will utilize the suggestions for exemplary purposes only.

8+ Top Anonymous Texting Apps [Check Partner Loyalty]

Before we directly begin talking about the best anonymous texting apps for iPhone and Android, I want to inform you about an issue. As it is an essential service, developing an app with this facility is challenging.

So, lots of apps are assuring this feature, but really, they don’t. We were practically disappointed when checking the apps to form the list. But the noted apps work pretty well, and maybe you won’t be disappointed by them.

1. Second Phone Number

Best Anonymous Texting Apps To Send Messages Secretly

Let’s start going over the very best anonymous texting apps with the supremacy of the Second Phone Number. This app just needs a second phone number essentially, and you are permitted to call over and text through WIFI. And through this software, it is easy to send SMS or MMS and send or get calls revealing the identity. No surprise it is the very best app to secure your personal privacy, but you sure have choices to reveal your identity to the customers.

Crucial Features

You will get a complimentary second phone number for personal calling and texting.

Indeed, you can buy your own 2nd phone number of your will, and it has no limitation.

The app initially enables you to send photos to other numbers.

The app also lets you send and get audio messages too.

You will get United States and UK telephone number similar to the routine ones.

Pros: You can quickly track your customers with this app. Moreover, The app likewise provides a toll-free number.

Cons: This application doesn’t have a dark mode.

2. Text Me– Phone Call + Texting

Best Anonymous Texting Apps To Send Messages Secretly

Anonymous texting apps Text Me is a well-designed app with opportunities for free calling and to get multiple phone numbers, not even exposing your initial number. Also, you can call people and message any number in Canada and the United States using this app. In addition, you can make a video call with your pals if they are engaged in this software application. To use this app, you need to choose a label with a texting number, and then you are free to delight in calling, texting, and video calling.

Crucial Features

You can send genuine SMS to any number totally free without any constraints.

You can both send and receive videos, big pictures, and so on.

The app enables you free of charge voicemail, and you will receive contact your numbers.

The application lets you share your location with a single click.

You can also enhance the speed of your messages through this application.

Pros: You can also call in any number of over 200 nations, including the US and Canada. Furthermore, the application will notify you if your message is provided or checked out by your friend.

3. ImNot.Me Anonymous texting

Best Anonymous Texting Apps To Send Messages Secretly

Anonymous texting is perhaps the most trusting anonymous texting app you will ever get. Significantly, the receiver of the message doesn’t require to have this application. Indeed the application is entertaining, and you can send messages via SMS divulging your identity. Likewise, it will help you to welcome for blind dates and reveal your love anonymously. Also, you can report scams messages and inform them about unlawful activities too.

Crucial Features

The application has come with international support, and you can send messages in every corner all over the world.

You will at first discover a schedule messaging option, and it’s terrific for future messaging.

There are examples or design template choices, and you can utilize them in a moment.

You can likewise resend any message if you desire.

There’s a feature like local history, and you can see what you’ve already sent out.

Pros: The app ultimately permits you to access the contacts on your phone. Also, it will notify you about when your message is provided.

Cons: The app takes some time to send messages.

4. Free Tone– Calling & Texting

Best Anonymous Texting Apps To Send Messages Secretly

Anonymous texting apps Free Tone is an unique platform that enables unrestricted calling and texting to any number in Canada or the US. Furthermore, you can connect with your pals only if they have installed this application and delight in an unlimited voicemail facility. In addition, the app just desires you to pick a number and share it with your good friends. And after that you are ready to go for the texting, calling, video calling, and so on. If you are thinking to send messages to buddies in private, it can be your best pick.

Essential Features

The app at first gets you a real contact number, and the call is limited just to some homeowners.

This application permits you to share your area with a single click.

This app provides you with one complimentary telephone number per account.

You’ll also receive phone calls on your number.

You require to remember to enable push alerts. Otherwise, you won’t get any calls or messages.

The app likewise offers a speaker, and you can silence any calls if you desire.

Pros: There’ll be a broad sample of stickers for you to enjoy. Plus, The application includes Bluetooth mode, and you can send pictures too.

Cons: Outside US and Canada, the app will not work for totally free.

5. AddaLine– Phone Numbers

Best Anonymous Texting Apps To Send Messages Secretly

How about adding a new number to your phone within 60 seconds? AddaLine has a fantastic approach that permits you to make and get calls, and it grants extra phone numbers. So, you don’t need to reveal your telephone number to the receivers with this helpful anonymous texting app. No surprise the application is a great help to manage worker accounts, regional presence, relocation numbers between each other, etc. Moreover, you will get worldwide assistance and can call other homeowners at a meager expense.

Essential Features

The application will allow you to sell things online with your own number.

In the beginning, the application will get your complimentary ten text and 10 minutes for calls.

You can just use your number for the calling, texting, voicemail, number schedule, etc.

The application also supports MMS but only in UD numbers.

You can quickly track marketing campaigns and far more.

Pros: You can ultimately remain cautious and private while sharing your AddaLine numbers with others. In addition, you can create a brand-new number and eliminate the old one anytime you desire.

Cons: The app often fails to notify you about the incoming call.

6. Hushed– 2nd Phone Number

Best Anonymous Texting Apps To Send Messages Secretly

Why not get an anonymous texting application that never ever communicates with your contact number and works exceptional in dating, taking a trip, and company? Well, Hushed is easy to use, and it will permit you for different numbers for texting and calling. In fact, this effective texting app will assist you with several lines in your life, together with an exceptional privacy system. Certainly, you can access your account on the device through WIFI or cellular data. Let’s have a look at what more this app will provide.

Important Features

The app gets you a short-term number to get calls and post on ads for company purposes.

It merely lets you share a disposable number that matches with the dating app.

The app supplies you global support so your friends can quickly reach you.

It will certainly assist you to keep your conversation private, and you can remove it all after doing your task.

The app offers regional numbers over 300 location codes, consisting of US, Canada, and the UK.

Pros: You don’t require to sign any contract for the verification. Furthermore, you can take pleasure in full-talk, SMS, and MMS centers too.

7. Smiley Private Texting SMS

Best Anonymous Texting Apps To Send Messages Secretly

Anonymous texting apps Smiley Private Texting SMS has actually featured a text resolution anonymously without getting exposed. In fact, it approves the best privacy system and will safeguard your telephone number. And you just need to register and enter a number that you wish to text. Also, the application will get you an actual phone number in the UK, Australia, the United States, Canada, and lots of other countries. Indeed you can text anybody with the offered second-line telephone number with this effective anonymous texting app.

Important Features

You can send unrestricted text, and your contacts can see your number.

The app initially enables image messaging or MMS.

You can indeed use the call-blocker center to block numbers if you feel no longer thinking about getting messages.

You will receive the messages right after your contacts reply.

The application lets you use both long-term or momentary numbers and secures your personal privacy.

Pros: You can likewise erase private texts or the entire discussion. Additionally, you can examine the telephone number and the caller id of an individual.

Cons: The service of this application is not completely totally free, especially outside of the location code.

8. Second Phone Number

Best Anonymous Texting Apps To Send Messages Secretly

If you wish to make calls or send messages anonymously, the Second Phone Number is specially created for you. No surprise the app protects your personal privacy and conceals your personal phone number. It even enables you to keep the discussion trick, and then you can erase them right now. Undoubtedly the app works best in work, business, online shopping, where it’s not likely to utilize individual contact number. And there’s no chance to leakage numbers to complete strangers.

Crucial Features

You can simply add multiple different personal phone numbers and handle numerous lines easily.

The app just grants disposable numbers, so you can burn anytime.

It ultimately supports SMS, image messages, calls, and so on.

This application will supply you with regional numbers from over 200 area codes, including the Canada and US.

You’ll get voicemail greetings, customizable ringtones, call forwarding, and so on, with this application.

Pros: It initially lets you lock private messages and the call history. Moreover, you’ll find auto-reply SMS for each number also.

Cons: This software application does not have any dark themes.

9. CoverMe– Second Phone Number

Best Anonymous Texting Apps To Send Messages Secretly

Next, we have another anonymous texting app on the list, and it is CoverMe. Especially, the app has multiple approaches, and it does permit encrypted messages, personal messages, disappearing messages, and so on. In addition, the app is good at concealing secret messages, individual contacts, and phone logs. Furthermore, you can recall sent messages effortlessly, and even the call logs will not be revealed on your phone costs. Still not impressed? The following information will assist you anyhow.

Crucial Features

You only require to offer a shake to lock all the private text messages.

The application indeed grants multiple second numbers with various area codes, and it’s practical for organization operations.

This application will accompany you on your online dating, and it guarantees to protect your privacy.

You can simply make calls to the United States, Canada, and China. Also, it works similarly to routine phone service.

It does not allow anybody to shop or spread your private text messages and eliminates them as soon as it gets read.

Pros: The app lets you alter the second phone number anytime. Furthermore, it supports the decoy passwords so no one can ever read your secret messages.

10. Second Texting Number

Best Anonymous Texting Apps To Send Messages Secretly

Anonymous texting apps We are near completion, so let’s examine the last app on the list, Second Texting Number. This application is best for anonymous texting, and you can pick a telephone number with any location code. Also, for account registration, you will get a verification code instantly when you start using it. The only thing it needs is that you need to add contact number to get in touch with others. Obviously, the app permits you to add as many individuals as you want.

Essential Features

The application is straightforward to use, and you can send messages and get a reply within a matter of seconds.

This application indeed lets you send and get messages, and there are no restrictions.

You can just connect with any United States numbers.

The app will enable you to send or get picture messages too.

You can just create groups and connect with your friends in messages.

This app will also secure your personal privacy with this second number.

Pros: You won’t receive any spam messages. Besides, you can tailor the telephone number as well.

Cons: You cannot send longer messages within two sentences.


Q: Is there an application for anonymous texting?

A: Yes, there are lots of anonymous texting apps out there. You can find them in both AppStore and PlayStore. Both totally free and paid texting apps let you send texts to others with phony numbers or just without any number. However lots of apps that can not possibly send anonymous text still assure to do that. So, while setting up the app, you ought to reconsider its functions to make sure that it works.

Q: Do anonymous texting apps work?

A: Yes, many texting apps let you send a message without revealing your phone number. Some of them eventually send messages with a phony phone number. Essentially, these apps don’t utilize your phone network to send a text, however you need to use them with the web. So, rather like Messenger or Skype, these apps won’t have an alternative to reveal your number or e-mail address.

Q: What is the very best anonymous messaging app for Android?

A: Second Phone Number by MyPhoneRobot and ImNot.Me Anonymous texting is the best anonymous texting apps for Android. Both of these apps are free to use, and they really work to keep the sender’s number and other information trick. So, the receivers won’t get exactly who is sending the text, and it will be totally anonymous to him.

Q: What is the very best anonymous texting app for the iPhone?

A: Addaline and Hushed are the best anonymous texting apps for iPhone. Both of these apps are offered free of charge with some alternatives with optional in-app purchases. You can certainly utilize these apps on your iPad and Mac also. These apps will let you send messages with a 2nd and unidentified telephone number to keep the sender’s identity trick.

Lastly, Insights

From now on, you can send messages and wish your pals secretly with the following best anonymous texting apps for your Android and iPhone. None of the apps has any legal issues, therefore you can use them freely. Also, all these apps let you enjoy other centers like call obstructing functions, anonymous calling features, caller ID features, and comparable. Ideally, the app you will pick to utilize will provide you with an incredible experience. Thanks for putting in the time to check and read our material.


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