Best 10+ Messaging Apps that you MUST KNOW [2021]

The article has information about best messaging app . The article have crucial facts about best messaging app.  In this era of technology, one of the most popular ways to the communicate is through text messaging. Thanks to the web and the transformation of mobile phones, there are numerous apps out there for Android gadgets by which you can quickly interact with your good friends. Needless to say that these application will continue to be a growing number of popular among young people. With that in mind, we will speak about the 20 best android messaging apps in this post. And in the end, we will assist you to choose the very best android messaging app that fits you completely.

Like we said previously, there are so many apps out there that it becomes nearly impossible for a customer to select one. So lets take a look at some of the very best android messaging apps that you can download for your Android gadget.

1. Android Messages

best messaging app

The initially one on our list is the Android Messages. This app is Google’s really own SMS app. So it is possibly installed on your phone currently. Packed with numerous easy to use features, it is really basic and easy to use. So it’s apparent why it is so popular. For lots of people, this app might be the very best android messaging app ever.


Pre-loaded on Pixel devices.

Not too made complex to utilize. Immediate notices and a fresh new style make it user-friendly.


Has another version for computer systems

2. Chomp SMS

best messaging app

Chomp SMS has actually been out there for a long time. It is one of the most old android messaging application out there, which is as dynamic as ever. There are reasons why this complimentary texting app is still popular despite being old. Adding new functions with every update, It has actually continuously been developing and adjusting. All of us know how essential it is in the world of apps. Old is gold certainly.


SMS blocking.

Wear OS support.

Free to download.

Awesome emojis.

quick reply pop-up

3. Facebook Messenger

best messaging app

This complimentary chat app for android is from our great old Facebook. You can easily already guess it from the name. You cannot use it unless you are a Facebook user. If you are Facebook user, you can offer it a shot.


Terrific interface and simple to operate.

Audio call and video call from anywhere, anytime.

Group chatting option.

4. EvolveSMS

best messaging app

Another properly designed text app that you will like after utilizing it. It can be a good option for the messaging app that is installed( by default) on your mobile phone. After using it, you will understand how effective it is. You can quickly increase the size of the text if you want. Hence, it will be simple for you to read it. Plus, It’s extremely safe, and a few of its security features are truly good. So you can understand that it’s yet another best SMS app for android devices.


The design of the app is simple and stunning.

Will support pop-up alerts.

Specific conversations can be set as personal.

You can send out videos, GIFs, audio, pictures easily and rapidly.

Double sim support.

5. Mood Messenger

best messaging app

Mood Messenger is quite new if you compare it with some of the other apps we have on our best Android messaging app. Having a lot of functions in an app can be a problem at times. Luckily, this texting app will conserve you from that nuisance. It is basic, in every sense, and it will use you the things that you want.


Supports double sim.

Group conversations.

Personalized font style size, notifications, emojis, and background.

You can send out messages without using SMS.

Spam blocking

Animated GIF library

6. Pulse SMS

best messaging app

Pulse SMS is certainly among the very best text messaging apps out there. “Secure” and “Convenient”- These are the words that match it well. It is a text messaging application that works on almost every platform( even PC). Its users can utilize their phone number and text from their PC. It will just cost them 0.99$/ month.


Unequaled style

Dual-SIM assistance for Androids( a version needs to be 5.1+).

You can blacklist the annoying spammers.

Backup and bring back option with an online account.

Strong security.


best messaging app

QKSMS has been out there for a while now. Without a doubt, it is a fantastic SMS app. Just by looking at the name, it is safe to assume that texting with it will not take excessive time. The best thing about that is that it is actually open source. The variety of functions it provides is remarkable.


Supports dual-sim and multi sim.

The design is stunning and clutter-free.

Adjustable style.

A safe application that can restore all of your messages without installing another app.

Per-contact alerts let you prioritize your message.

QK Reply popup allows you to react to your messages from any place and anytime.

8. Handcent Next SMS

best messaging app

Even if it does not turn out to be the very best android messaging app for you, it is certainly one of the very best ones out there. We have actually already discussed Chomp SMS. Well, this app is really Chomp’s modern. Like Chomp SMS, Handcent is a cool texting app that has a load of features. But having stated that running it is simple and, you will feel fantastic when you use it. Being the old doesn’t make it a bad application. It has actually upgraded and adapted quite well.


Nearly anything can be tailored( font styles, themes, ringtone, color).

The “Handcent Anywhere” function ensures that anyone can send out text from the PC.

Block all the spammers.

Have a good time with 1600+ emojis.

Send popular sticker labels to your good friends.

Supports the dual-sim devices.

Messages can be restored because of the most recent backup service.

Multimedia messages like images, video, and audio can be shared quickly.

9. Textra SMS.

best messaging app

Textra is among the most popular chatting apps. There is a good reason that it is popular. You can customize a lot of stuff that you will be required to like it. From the background and notification to the contacts and emojis, you can easily customize almost whatever. It’s free to download, however most importantly, it is safe to utilize. Your information will be considered safe and, there is hardly any problem of hacking it. It is the reason that this app is a tough contender when it comes to being the very best android messaging app.


Completely supports any double sim device( for Android version 5.1).

Compatible with MightyText, Pushbullet, Android Wear.

Extremely adjustable.

180+ product design themes and a lot of GIFs.

Dark, light, and auto-night modes are offered.

Quick reply popup.

Message obstructing system versus spammers.

10. Signal Private Messenger

best messaging app

Like the previous apps that we have actually mentioned, this one is likewise a heavy competitor to be the best messenger application for android. If you enjoy to use protected apps, you will not be disappointed with them. And using it is easy, which is barely surprising.             Thr app will use your phone number, and you do not have to fret about passwords, usernames, or logins. The functions it offers are why it has actually made our list of the best android messaging app.


Free and open source.

Messages are sent out instantly.

Group chat.

Can run in almost any environment.

End to end file encryption protocol offers privacy for each message.


best messaging app

YAATA SMS is reasonably new on the planet of the SMS app. Despite that, it has a terrific reputation for being convenient and vibrant. Some of the features will cost you cash. But they deserve it. It does all the things that a common SMS app does. However the important things is that it surpasses a typical app and, the whole plan is under 3.9 MB.


Complete Multimedia Support for smooth operation.

Transforming SMS to the MMS.

Night mode and the speakerphone mode (for the premium variation).

Blacklisting spammers( for the premium variation).

Backup and bring back setting readily available.

Stunning layout.


best messaging app

When an app is utilized by countless users, you can guess that it is distinct and trusted. This is why Telegram is on our list of the very best android messaging application. It can work both on mobile and on desktop. It does not include adverts. However most significantly, it is totally free, and the authority does not aim to produce profits.


Among the fastest messaging apps.

Group talks can have practically 100,000 members.

open sticker/GIF platform.

You can share videos and files of any size and type.

Photo and video editing tools.

Instant messaging, safe, safe, and trustworthy.


best messaging app

It is another popular app that you may have found out about already. If you install it, your contacts will instantly be added to Viber. You can easily make free video and audio calls, send text messages, emojis, stickers, pictures. All of these things in simply one application.


Open a group chat that can easily include 250 members.

End-to-end file encryption makes certain that any information you share on this app will be safe. The only people who will understand the details are you and the person you are talking to.

” Secret Chat”- This characteristics allows you to delete the message from your recipient’s phone after a particular quantity of time.


best messaging app

Google Hangouts can be downloaded on all android devices. Not remarkably, you need to have a Google account to utilize it. You can likewise utilize it on desktops. Like all the previous applications we have mentioned, you can likewise send text, make an audio or video call, share images with this application. Plus, you can likewise make group calls.


group chats can have almost 150 people.

Supports all platforms.

Safe and Reliable.


best messaging app

WeChat is China’s most popular text messaging app, which has an impressive variety of users. Over 700 million people utilize this app, and the numbers are simply increasing every day.


Multimedia messaging, top quality audio, and video call for free.

Literary numerous complimentary sticker labels to have a good time with friends.

” Friend Radar,” “People Nearby,” and then “Shake”- These features will assist you to find new friends.


best messaging app

One of the reasons that Snapchat is that it lets you share videos( or pictures) that self-destruct. A user can send out somebody a “breeze” for a time prior to it completely vanishes. The very best and the most popular feature of Snapchat is the amusing filters for the video snaps.


Amusing filters that are actually popular among young people.

Picture modifying function.

Free to download.

17. LINE

best messaging app

In Asia, Line is popular with a ridiculous number of users. It has the typical charactersitics of a messaging application. But the unique aspect of this app is that it has a timeline like Facebook. You can post and comment on other individuals’s posts. You can likewise produce albums and share them.


Group video calls.

Chat with as much as 200 buddies in your group at the same time.

Create surveys to know what individuals believe.

Basic features like totally free voice and video calls, picture sharing, free adorable sticker labels are also available.

18. Google Allo

best messaging app

This one is the latest chat app from Google. Together with the common features, its piece de resistance is the Google assistant. It works like Siri or Cortana. Needless to say that it provides all the basic features of a messaging app and more.


” Smart Reply” permits you to reply to messages without the need to type a word.

Special sticker labels that are produced by independent artists.

It includes an incognito mode, which implies you can send messages with “end-to-end file encryption.”.

19. WhatsApp

best messaging app

Whatsapp has actually been used all over the world, and the variety of users is simply crazy. It is not stopping by any means. In fact, it’s growing every single day. A great part of its users believes that it is the very best android messaging app as it is easy to use. Just recently it has been bought by Facebook.


Easy setup.

You can send out or get documents, videos, or images.

Free calls.

Constantly logged in.

No username or pins required.

20. GroupMe

best messaging app

The last application on our list of the very best android messaging application is GroupMe. It is owned by the Microsoft. Hearing the name, you can easily guess what it is everything about. If you and your buddies love to talk in a group, this will be the ideal app for you. Nevertheless, if you do not want that, it’s cool. It is also proficient at one on one message.


Instantly begin talking by including everybody to a group via their email address or contact number.

Managing notifications.

The gallery conserves photos or videos that you have actually shared.

Special emojis.

Last Thought.

In our mission to discover the very best android messaging app for you, we have recommended 20 of them. All of them use many things that it’s truly difficult to choose just one and consider it as the best android messaging app. So we have recommended a few of the best ones, and it is up to you to pick one.

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