Corrections Policy

Magatech Would like to notify you, through this Corrections Policy, on the corrective procedures We take in the event that We discover incorrect information on Our Website. We are aware of our responsibility to our readers and recognise that it is Our responsibility to make the necessary corrections and to notify you as soon as possible.


The Logical Indian strives to provide accurate and full news stories to its audience based on all available truths at the time of publication. We make every effort to address errors in the material on Our Website as soon as they are brought to our attention.
We, as a digital platform, post a correction and clarification on our social media handles, or we provide an editor’s note with the changes made and the specifics of the error, in addition to correcting it in our material.
If we make a big error that could lead to the spread of false information, we will apologise to our readers as soon as possible.

Refreshing a Report

If a story has been updated, we make it a habit to add notes to it. When We correct a substantial error or change a story to include comments or updates from a stakeholder, it is critical that We utilise a correction, explanation, or editor’s note to tell readers.
If a fact-checking error arises (which is done in accordance with Our Fact-Check Policy, which can be found at [“Fact-Check Policy”]), and it is brought to our attention, we amend the article accordingly, stating in bold “[Correction: revised Info…]” and explaining the correction made. We provide readers with the option to suggest corrections at the bottom of each article.


We swiftly post a correction explaining the reason for the change if We are substantively updating an article, photo caption, headline, visual, video, or other content.


When our reporting is factually true, but the language we chose to express those facts isn’t as clear or exact as it should be, the wording is revised, and the narrative is clarified. If We first failed to seek a comment or answer that has since been included to the narrative, or if additional reporting has modified Our account of an incident, a clarification is also used.

Notes from the Editor

An editor’s note may be required for a correction that throws into question the entire content of an article or creates a substantial ethical quandary, which is followed by an explanation of the problem. The adding of an editor’s note to a piece is approved by a senior editor. Other Corrections Policies Our community engagement staff can indicate in comments that an issue has been remedied when it is discovered by a reader and sent to the comment stream. When we mistakenly publish material on social media, we correct it there. If we are unable to change the inaccurate information, we will retract it.
We don’t assign blame to specific reporters or editors (for example, “due to a reporting error” or “due to an editing error”).

Inaccuracies must be reported.

If you believe a story we’ve published is incorrect, please notify the editing team using the ‘Suggest A Correction’ section at the bottom of each web-article.

Requests for removal

We do not accept take-down requests as a matter of editorial policy. We are prepared to study and, if essential, issue a correction if the subject claims that the story was erroneous. When fairness necessitates an update or follow-up on past coverage, We comply, weighing if additional editorial action is necessary, but not by removing the piece as if it had never been published.
When We make publicly available personal data available, We only consider takedown requests if the someone involved is in danger of material detriment as a result of the material’s availability.