Why Discord Keeps Lagging? [QUICK FIX] [MAGA USERS]

Frustrated about why discord keeps lagging? No worries, this article will show in detail why discord keeps lagging and what to do about it. Discord Lagging is the best messaging and digital circulation platform that makes it possible for users to exchange messages, audio, and media. It is the go-to chat platform of players due to its server functions and low bandwidth consumption, permitting them to communicate in-game without experiencing lags and delays.

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But, there have been recent reports from several users who experience lags on Discord. Some have a tough time hearing discussion from voice talks, while others experience problems sending out text and media on the platform.

There are likewise reports that the whole platform is lagging, and users can’t even browse to their servers, rendering the program unusable.

A bad network connection is the most typical reason for lags on Discord. However, server-related issues and damaged application files should likewise be thought about when fixing this problem.

To support you out, we’ve chosen to make a guide on how to fix Discord if it keeps lagging on your computer.

Let’s begin!

Fix 1 Close Unnecessary Programs

New applications running on your computer system can use up system memory and bandwidth, which can cause performance problems on the programs you are using. To free up your system’s resources, shut down unnecessary programs operating on your computer.

Press the Windows Key + X on your keyboard to access the Quick Menu.

Could you press on the Task Manager to release it?

Go to the Processes tab and identify the programs that you are not using.

Shut down the unused programs one by one and leave the Task Manager later on.

Go back to Discord and observe if you would still experience lags on the platform.

Fix 2 Update Your Drivers

discord keeps lagging

Discord uses numerous gadgets, such as speakers, microphones, network adapters, and even the graphics card when you cast your screen. If you experience lags on Discord, attempt to update your device drivers to ensure that all of them are working correctly.

Press the Windows Key + X on your device to start the Quick Access Menu.

Now, press on the Device Manager.

Would you please select among your drivers and right-press on it?

Press on the Update Driver button and follow the on-screen triggers to set up the update.

Repeat this method until you’ve upgraded all the chauffeurs on your computer. Once done, go back to Discord to inspect if the issue is fixed.

Fix 3 Clear Discord’s Cache

discord keeps lagging

After utilizing Discord for a while, its momentary data and caches may collect gradually and cause the application or your system to run slow. It’s also possible that Discord’s cache got damaged, and your PC is having a difficult time accessing its information, which causes the lag or efficiency issue.

To fix this, erase Discord’s cache by following the actions below:

On your computer system, open the Run Command by pushing the Windows Key + R.

Search for %APPDATA%/ Discord/Cache and struck the Enter key to begin the folder path.

  1. Press CTRL + A to pick all the files and erase them from your system.

Once done, return to Discord and check if the application would still lag while gaming.

Fix 4 Turn Hardware Acceleration ON/OFF

discord keeps lagging

Depending upon your system, hardware velocity can either enhance Discord’s performance or make it even worse. Hardware acceleration uses your GPU to decrease the load on your processor, thus improving its efficiency.

But, if you are using an old or entry-level graphics card, it can make Discord’s efficiency worse. To learn which settings work excellent for you, attempt utilizing Discord with hardware acceleration switched on and off.

On Discord, press the Gear icon on the bottom left corner of the screen to gain access to Settings

Now, press on the Advanced tab from the side menu.

Turn Hardware Acceleration On/Off and see which settings work for you.

Usage Discord for a couple of minutes to check if you would experience any lags or efficiency problems.

Fix 5 Reset Voice Settings

discord keeps lagging

If your pals complain about your voice being choppy or laggy, try resetting your voice settings. You might have wrongly altered a few of your choices, which caused the issue with Discord.

See the actions listed below to reset your voice settings on Discord:

First, gain access to Discord’s Settings by clicking on the Gear icon on the bottom left corner of your display.

Today, go to Voice & Video and scroll down to the bottom.

Press on Reset Voice Settings and follow the on-screen prompts to verify your action.

Restart Discord later on and inspect if it will still keep lagging throughout voice talks.

Fix 6 Reinstall Discord

discord keeps lagging

If none of the methods above worked, attempt reinstalling Discord on your computer. A few of its installation files may have gotten corrupted, or the application is not set up properly on your computer.

First, start up the Control Panel on your pc and press on Uninstall a Program.

  1. Find Discord from the list of programs installed on your system.
  2. Right-press on Discord and press Uninstall to eliminate the application.

Go to Discord’s main website afterwards and redownload the desktop app from there.

Fix 7 Update Windows

discord keeps lagging

The existing version of Discord might not work with your Windows version. It is likewise possible that your working system has a bug or glitch that causes Discord or other applications to breakdown.

To fix this, try to check if more recent variations of Windows are available on your PC and install it.

First, open the Start Menu and press on Settings.

Inside Windows Settings, press on Update & Security.

Finally, wait for Windows to look for updates and follow the on-screen prompts if there’s a more present variation readily available.

If the problem continues, visit Discord’s Help Center and contact their customer assistance to report the concern.


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