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Omer Malik is a journalist and a tech geek.

My name is omer malik, and I’m the main source of all the special and most sensitive visualisation of the actions in the industrial classification from ‘magatech.org.’ My first step on this path was taken when I was very young. I began by working with a financial expert who was self-employed. However, I only have roughly 5 years of experience and talents in this field.

Keeping an Eye on Tech Trends | Abdul wahab

I’m abdul wahab, and I have a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a master’s degree in information technology.
Technology and Energy is my favourite genre to write about. I’ve been writing about articles, web content, and blogs for the past five years. I enjoy combining work and enjoyment in my profession and education.
I’ve also worked as a teacher for two years. At a well-known university, I used to teach business and technical writing.

However, I’ve been working as an instructor, designer, and training writer for the past few years. I have a strong desire to interact with others. When it comes to nature, I am a huge extrovert. Apart from that, I adore travelling and discovering new places throughout the world.