How to Use Facebook Marketplace as Car Dealer

Do you also want to learn how to use facebook marketplace as car dealer? This post will you how to use facebook marketplace as car dealer.

Can You Sell Cars on Facebook?

Because Facebook has actually exploded, companies have all rushed to record their audience’s attention and leverage the platform’s marketing potential. In the beginning, getting business exposure on Facebook’s platform was fairly inexpensive. As Facebook continued to change its algorithm to appease its users and much better monetize the platform when it went public, Facebook page natural reach plunged to where it seems to presently offer organic reach to almost 1-2 percent of any offered page’s fans.

Pay to play has actually been in effect for some time, with the only ways for pages to expand their reach being by means of Facebook advertisements or engaging material. That, however, has not stopped some dealers from continuing to publish cars for sale on their Facebook walls, even at the threat of alienating their audience.
The concern of the day is:

Do people really shop for the cars on Facebook?

In the past, it is very much fair to say that consumers who were utilizing Facebook in their cars and truck shopping journey were most likely investigating car dealerships. Some dealers had their stocks tied into their Facebook pages through a simple tab. Still, it was very convenient for a customer to browse stock through a dealer’s website or a simple third-party listing service than it was to go to prospective car dealership’s Facebook pages one at a time.

That all altered with the rollout of Facebook Marketplace.

In the beginning, Facebook Marketplace was created to be more of a virtual garage sale/ classified function offered for users to buy and sell products locally. As it has actually developed, nevertheless, it has actually ended up being a much more robust marketplace. This, obviously, has brought in Facebook users who are progressively using the function in their shopping. In the automobile world, market vendors have begun immediately sending out dealership’s inventory to Facebook Marketplace for cars.

Facebook itself has actually struck deals with major third-party listing websites like to have a dealer’s inventory released, making it very practical for vehicle dealerships to have actually upgraded stocks offered for exposure to Facebook’s enormous user base.

However, are customers really utilizing Facebook Marketplace to purchase cars?

As a technology service provider that assists in discussions between customers and dealers in managed chat and also provides that function within the Facebook platform, we can tell you that consumers are, in fact, engaging with dealers about private cars.

facebook marketplace carsfacebook marketplace cars

The table above shows that customers are engaging with not only a broad spectrum of vehicle makes, however likewise a big span in car age. These 11,030 consumer-initiated engagements encompassed a massive 506 various design lorries too. This tells us that customers of all types, spending plans, requirements, and interests are browsing Facebook Marketplace to buy cars within their automobile purchasing journey.

Like any other consumer touchpoint, dealerships need to be ready to engage with consumers, answer questions, and begin to build that relationship. Customers only have a lot time and perseverance, so failing to react or engage the consumer quickly will only see that customer proceed to the next automobile or dealership– costing sales. On the opposite, the end of the engagement spectrum, car dealers who do respond quickly, are transparent, and practical have a greater chance of making that customer’s business.

Simple Thought

Consider that these figures just represent the information from consumers who selected to initiate the contact with the dealership via chat. It is safe to say that there are many more customers browsing vehicles on the Facebook Marketplace that didn’t engage but instead went in to the dealership to see vehicle of interest.

6 Simple Steps to Get Started on Facebook Marketplace for Dealers

1. Choose a Marketplace Inventory Partner.

Car Dealers on Facebook Marketplace typically wish to separate themselves from specific sellers with a “dealership” tag, which is where Inventory Partners enter into play. Usually, stock partners are automobile marketing companies or DMS suppliers. Search the list of inventory partners to see if a business you’re already dealing with is connected.

2. Connect your DMS.

Suppose your auto dealership’s management system is not a stock partner. If not, no concerns. You can easily select a marketing agency that is likewise a stock partner to help you connect your DMS to the marketplace.

3. Add Your Entire Vehicle Inventory to Facebook Marketplace.

Casually adding listings occasionally will not bring many outcomes. Ensure to list ALL of your lorry inventory on Marketplace similar to you would anywhere else. It will not hurt, and if you’re already working with an inventory partner, it ought to be a breeze to keep up to date. When listing, make sure to utilize the best photos and descriptions!

4. Respond to Customers Quickly.

If a purchaser has connected to you over Facebook Messenger, it most likely ways they’re prepared to purchase. Not just is it vital to react rapidly to buyers in order to continue the discussion and sales procedure, however Messenger immediately caps your ability to react after 24 hours. Missing this vital window means missing a sale.

5. Manually Transcribe Notes from Messenger to CRM.

Storing all your discussions surrounding sales is a considerable advantage of using a CRM; nevertheless, none presently have the capability to incorporate with Facebook Messenger. You’ll require to keep all of your sales conversations in one location by manually transcribing them, as it will assist keep your team in the loop and improve sales processes.

6. Make Marketplace Badges

Make Facebook Marketplace badges in order to stand out from other vehicle dealers. Badges like “really responsive” and “neighborhood advised” show consumers that your dealer values first-class service and that clients can trust your dealer.

Get Going With Facebook Marketplace for Dealers.

Facebook Marketplace for cars is an important property that dealerships must be making use of to gain exposure for their stock. With inventory listings being automated through information companies that almost every car dealership currently uses in combination with Facebook’s third-party listing collaborations, Facebook’s Marketplace has actually changed into a genuine shopping destination for consumers in the market for an automobile.

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