Want to Setup Gif Wallpaper on Windows 10? [QUICK WAYS]

The article shows information regarding gif wallpaper windows 10. The article have crucial facts regarding gif wallpaper windows 10. If you are tired of a fixed background on your PC, you should understand that there is an actually easy method to get a more lively background, by simply using a GIF as your background. Setting a GIF as your background isn’t as hard as you believe, and in today’s post, we will show you here how to do it.

Can I easily set a GIF as my PC background?

Windows 10 is, without doubt, the greatest Windows ever, colorful, customizable, in other words, nothing to grumble. However what if we wanted to press the limits in terms of personalization? Mentioning customization, wouldn’t it be nice to set up an animated GIF as a background?

By default, Windows 10 doesn’t support GIF images as a desktop wallpaper. In order to circumvent this limitation, we need to depend on third-party programs. There are numerous tools that can assist you, however the best ones are Stardock DeskScapes and BioniX. While DeskScapes is a paid software, we can use BioniX which is complimentary and works very well.

How do I easily set a GIF as my background Windows 10?

Use BioniX Wallpaper
To start with, download BioniX Wallpaper and install it.
Prior to running the software, make certain you have actually downloaded or created some good quality GIF images.

Open the BioniX software application and click the Tools menu.

gif wallpaper windows 10

Now pick the Wallpaper animator option and a window will open as shown listed below:

gif wallpaper windows 10
Find the folder quickly where your GIF images are saved. Select any GIF that the one you want to use by changing the settings such as Speed Animation, Magnification, etc.
You can now see the result with the View demonstration images button.
Keep in mind: In order to use GIF backgrounds, it’s essential that the BioniX program is running. You can likewise set the application to start with Windows immediately.

How to set a GIF as your background Windows 7

Much like Windows 10, Windows 7 doesn’t have support for GIF backgrounds. However, it supports image rotation so you can develop an animated background with this workaround.

Develop an image folder and move all images that you want to utilize for your animated background.
Now right-click your desktop and pick Customize choice.
At the bottom left you will require to click Desktop background.
Click on Browse and pick the images you wish to utilize.
Click OK to conserve changes.
If needed, change the size of your images.
In order to make your animation smooth, you’ll need to set a low rotation interval.
Save your changes.
In addition, you got the option of using the Okozo desktop suite, which will permit you to quickly obtain a much nicer effect. The 2.7 Mb program is actually simple to set up and you just need to follow these steps to set it up.

Start the application.
Okozo desktop will provide you a series of classifications, including Abstract, Cartoon, Movies, Galleries, Interactive, etc.
Select the wanted classification and the required plug-in.
The download procedure will now begin.

At the end of the procedure the program will ask you if you want to activate the wallpaper, so make sure to verify.

To conclude, it needs to be stated that whatever treatment you pick to animate your Windows 7 background, the system will inevitably suffer in regards to performance. This means that it is more suitable to execute this tweak just if you have a good CPU, an exceptional dedicated GPU, and clearly a rather big RAM.

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