How to Change Reddit Username [MAGA USERS]

Want to learn how to change reddit username ? This post shows explain in detail how to change reddit username quickly. While checking out Reddit, you must have seen erased or removed remarks that might have excited your curiosity. However do you know you can recover most of these removed comments with third-party tools? In today’s article, I will reveal you 4 tools that can assist you to see eliminated Reddit remarks one method or various. These gadgets are entirely complimentary to utilize and aren’t illegal too.

In this post, you’ll learn about how to change reddit username. Here are the details listed below;

Note: The discuss Reddit are erased for an aspect, and they generally include upseting product. Before trying to have a look at deleted go over Reddit, brace yourself for any troubling comment.

how to change reddit username

 1. Ceddit

Ceddit is currently the best option for rapidly seeing erased discuss Reddit. It is a 3rd party website that lets you browse Reddit posts in its interface. It immediately recuperates the majority of the erased remarks in a thread and highlights them with red color. But, it may not recover some types of gotten rid of comments, such as those erased by the Reddit auto conciliator.

If you are aiming to take a look at erased remarks, you can search it like your browse Reddit and look for posts highlighted in red. These posts have erased remarks that Ceddit has recovered.

Nevertheless, if you wish to check out eliminated remarks in a specific post, there is a lot easier method than looking for it. Open that short article on how to change reddit username and in the URL eliminate the “r” from and reinstate it with “c” to make it

 Method 2: Below is Examples of the URL Changing

how to change reddit username

  1. Prior to

and after result

  1. After

This will pack that page in the Ceddit interface, and you can browse and see the comments highlighted in red.

 2. ReSavr

If you are interested in checking out deleted comment’s for the sake of understanding, then ReSavr can be a terrific resource. ReSavr immediately saves all the erased all remarks that are above 1000 characters in length. Based upon the theory that longers remarks have a more considerable chance to conceal essential information, ReSavr can help you to discover some real gems that you might not see otherwise.

ReSavr extracts all posts with such remarks and exposes them in its easy to browse interface. It show’s the post title and an overall range of words that the deleted comment includes. Remarkably, hovering your mouse cursor over a title reveals the preview of the comment to let you rapidly look and only check out the remarks that deserve your time. I examined several erased speak about ReSavr, and much of them were useful and worth reading.

 3. Un-Delete Reddit Comments

This is a Chrome extension thats lets you cache Reddit posts to see them later. It allows you to conserve all the types of remarks even if they get erased later. Though it will not let you recuperate currently deleted remarks, it can be an effective tool if you manually cache every critical conversation.

Simply open the Reddit post that you want to cache and press the extension button to utilize the extension. The extension will expose the URL with a big Cache button listed below.

Press on the button, and the pages will be cached. You can tab on the extension button later once again to recuperate the saved page.

The benefit of it is that it can keep all types of remarks. Unlike Ceddit thats might not be able to recovers some types of deleted remarks.

 4. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a website archiving service that takes screenshots of websites and caches them to make them readily available for the world to see. It likewise takes screenshots of Reddit posts, so you can return in time and see a comment before it got deleted.

But I will not suggest you take Wayback Maker as your main alternative for taking a look at erased discuss Reddit.

It will require a bit of effort to expose the accurate remark you are trying to find– this includes checking out lots of screenshots of the exact same post.

 How it Works

Just get in the specific URL of the post of which you want to see deleted remarks. Wayback Maker will reveal a calendar with a blue circle on dates showing that screenshots of this post have been taken on those specific days.

You need to try to find the day when the remark was removed and see all the screenshots to see the comment. It can be genuinely difficult (believe me), so I will reveal a pain-free treatment to try to find deleted remarks rapidly.

 To Quickly Determine The Deleted Remark

  1. Go to Reddit and see the number of days ago the comment was deleted (it will be made up beside it).
  2. Now, utilize a computer system and a calendar to return that lots of days from the existing day when you see the remark (For instance, if it states 67 days old, then just move 67 days back from the existing day and see what is the date on that specific day).
  3. When you had the wedding when that remark was erased, merely move to the specific date in the Wayback gadget.
  4. Now, drift your mouse cursor over that date, and you should see some screenshots with the correct time when they were taken. You now just require to search for the screenshot that was brought prior to the remark was erased.

A more simple technique to identify the ideal screenshot is to open the last screenshot of the day and discover the erased remark. Bear in mind the exact time of elimination written beside it in hours.

Later on, transfer to the screenshot prior to that specific time, and you ought to see the content of the deleted comment.

It took me virtually 15 minutes with this technique to identify the very same erased remark example that I have actually given up in the Ceddit screenshot. Incredibly, Wayback Machine revealed 2 more paragraphs of the same erased remark edited later on by the user.

Ceddit was not able to expose the edited product, as you can see in the screenshots. So I believe Wayback Machine is a much better service for reading deleted Reddit remarks if you truly want to dig a lot more extensive.

 Important Note

Wayback Maker takes screenshots based upon activity on a website link. The more popular the posts were, the more screenshots will be accepted (i.e., more possibilities of reaching the specific remark).

Even if the posts were not so popular, some screenshots would still have some screenshots when discussing them.

In a lot of cases, there must constantly be a screenshot of the deleted remark if the remark was made when the post was produced or a minimum of when it was popular. You need not raise your hopes if the deleted comment was made months after the post’s activity.


Ceddit is the quickest tool to check out deleted comments. Although, if it stops working, Wayback Maker will certainly have the ability to support it. And naturally, ReSavr and how to change reddit usernames can also come in helpful in great deals of situations if you use them correctly.

Do you know any various tools to have a look at how to change reddit username? Do show us in the remarks area.

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