Want to disable Windows Key in Windows 10? [FIXED]

The article present information about how to disable windows key. The article has crucial facts about how to disable windows key. Have you asked yourself how to disable the Windows key?

Customizing the Windows registry is one solution.

– As opposed to modifying the pc registry, you can download and install a.reg file as well as utilize that to disable the Windows key.

– Normally, gaming keyboards have a dedicated software application so you can check the key settings there.

– Utilizing a specialized third-party device is another option of how to disable the Windows key button.

Even though several individuals use it frequently, some users want to disable it. Every innovative Windows user knows how helpful Windows Key button is.

Regardless of its effectiveness, the key can sometimes be an issue, specifically throughout intense pc gaming sessions. By default settings, pressing the Windows Key will open up the Start Food selection and that can be a trouble during gaming.

By mistakenly pressing the Windows switch you’ll shed focus on your video game and that can be a large issue.

To avoid these types of problems, numerous players disable their Windows Key throughout the pc gaming sessions. In this guide, we’re showing you how to disable the Windows button. There are few methods you can use where you can choose the very best for you.

How can I easily disable the Windows Key while gaming?

Modify your computer registry

  1. Press Windows Key + R as well as get in Regedit.
  2. Click alright or press Enter
  3. how to disable windows key
  4. Optional:

Before you make any adjustments to your computer system registry it’s always a good concept to produce a backup. To do that, just simply click on File > Export.

how to disable windows key

  1. Select All as Export array, choose a risk-free location, go into the desired file name as well as click Save.
  2. how to disable windows key
  3. 5. On that left panel, browse to: Computer \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Key-board Format
  4. In the appropriate pane, right-click the empty space and also select New > Binary Value from the menu.
  5. Get In Scancode Map as the name of the brand-new value.
  6. how to disable windows key
  7. Dual click Scancode Map worth and go into 00000000000000000300000000005BE000005CE000000000 in the Information field.
  8. Be added mindful and also double-check if the entered worth is right. Now click OK.
  9. how to disable windows key
  10. After doing that, close Windows Registry Editor and restart your PC. Note: Bear in mind that your pc registry has delicate information in it, so if you wish to edit it, make use of added caution. If you come across any type of problems with your computer after customizing the computer system registry, bring back the backup created at actions 3-4.

After your computer restarts, the Windows Key ought to be totally impaired. To make it possible for the Windows Key, you require to return to Computer registry Editor and erase the Scancode Map that you created.

Usage Disable Windows key reg

how to disable windows key

If you do not wish to modify your windows registry manually, there’s a.reg documents available that you can utilize to modify it. Simply download Disable Windows key.reg as well as run it. When the caution message shows up, click Yes. If you wish to make it possible for Windows Key once more, download as well as run Enable Caps Lock and Windows keys.reg.

This technique is a great deal faster as well as less complex, so if you’re not comfortable with customizing the windows registry by hand, make certain to try utilizing the.reg file. This method is effective only if you want to disable Windows Key and also prevent other customers from allowing it. Customizing the registry by hand could not be the easiest technique, yet you can always use the.reg submit to customize it automatically.

Usage AutoHotkey

how to disable windows key

If you intend to disable your Windows Key, you may wish to try using AutoHotkey. This is an open-source as well as powerful automation scripting language. The application allows you to designate specific commands to your tricks, however it also permits you to disable secrets.

AutoHotkey isn’t the most basic application, so you could wish to discover how it works before you can utilize it appropriately.

Primarily, you need to create a script that will certainly block Windows Keys and include that manuscript to AutoHotkey. Merely click AutoHotkey symbol in your Taskbar as well as choose Edit this Manuscript. Now you need to paste the following manuscript near the bottom: ~ Lwin Up:: return ~ RWin Up:: return Conserve your script, right-click AutoHotkey and pick to Refill The Script from the menu.

After finishing that, both Windows Keys will be disabled. Keep in mind that this option won’t disable shortcuts that involve Windows Key, rather, it will just disable the secrets themselves.

It’s worth stating that some online games could identify AutoHotkey as a dishonesty application, so maintain that in mind. Before you utilize this solution it’s constantly a great suggestion to do some research and check if the game programmers enable you to use AutoHotkey with their game.

Usage SharpKeys

  1. Download and start SharpKeys.
  2. As soon as the application starts, click Include.
  3. how to disable windows key
  4. Currently you’ll see two columns. Click on the Type Key in the left pane and also press the Windows Key.
  5. how to disable windows key
  6. 4. Currently click on alright to select the pressed key.
  7. how to disable windows key
  8. Select Turn Key Off in the right pane and click on okay to conserve modifications.
  9. how to disable windows key
  10. Now click on Write to Windows registry button.
  11. how to disable windows key
  12. Now you simply need to reboot your PC or log out and also log back in to use the modifications.
  13. To enable Windows Key once more, start Sharpkeys, pick the desired key from the menu, and also click on Delete.
  14. how to disable windows key
  15. After removing the key, click Write to Pc registry button.
  16. how to disable windows key
  17. Now, restart your PC or log off and back on use the adjustments.

Note: This is a free and also portable tool that enables you to remap your secrets, however it likewise has the ability to disable keys or to appoint them to specific functions. Bear in mind that this is an effective application, so you’re using it at your own risk.

Use Video gaming setting on your keyboard

how to disable windows key

Lots of video gaming keyboards have a Gaming setting feature that enables you to block Windows Key with ease. To turn on Pc gaming setting, you typically need to press a specific keyboard faster way. Some keyboards even have a controller symbol on one of its keys so you can quickly locate the faster way key for Pc gaming setting.

If you can’t locate the faster way on your own, we recommend you to examine your keyboard handbook for comprehensive instructions on how to activate Video gaming setting. Bear in mind that not all key-boards sustain this attribute, so prior to you can use it you require to examine if your key-board supports it. Triggering the Pc gaming mode is the most basic and fastest method to disable Windows Key, but regrettably, not all key-boards sustain this function.

Utilize your keyboard software program

how to disable windows key

As we previously stated, numerous gaming keyboards sustain Video gaming setting. These keyboards usually have committed software program that you can make use of to set up numerous setups such as macros and lighting. Run a System Scan to find prospective errors.

Run a PC Scan with Restore Repair service Device to discover mistakes causing protection issues and slowdowns. After the scan is total, the repair procedure will replace damaged files with fresh Windows files and also parts.

Furthermore, you can likewise activate Pc gaming mode from these apps. Bear in mind that not all keyboards as well as apps sustain Video gaming setting, so be sure to check your key-board guidebook to see if your keyboard sustains this attribute.

Use Winkill

how to disable windows key

If you intend to disable Windows Key and also its faster ways, you can do it conveniently with Winkill tool. This is a tiny as well as portable application as well as it will certainly run in your systray, so you won’t even know that it’s running.

Once you begin it, the application will certainly block Windows Key along with many other Windows Key shortcuts. Unlike previous applications we discussed, Winkill enables you to toggle it on or off, so you can easily disable it when you’re made with your pc gaming session.

If demands be you can also turn it back on with a single click. Winkel is a simple application, and also if you’re trying to find an easy and also easy way to disable Windows Key on your keyboard, Winkill may be the very best choice for you.

Use Disable Windows Key application

how to disable windows key

An additional third-party application that can disable Windows Key for you is Disable Windows Key app. This is a free software and also portable application, as well as it will certainly operate on any type of computer without setup.

After you start the app, it will be situated in your systray so you will not also know that it’s running. The application allows a little bit of configuration, so you can start it instantly with Windows if you like. If you want, one can also set the app to automatically disable the Windows Key as soon as you start it. Of course, the application permits you to toggle it on or off merely by clicking its symbol.

Disable Windows Keyapp will certainly disable Windows Key, but it won’t disable any shortcuts that utilize it, which is a major and also. If you’re searching for a simple as well as friendly third-party remedy that will permit you to disable the Windows Key, make certain to try this application out.

Use Wkey Disabler

how to disable windows key

There are many third-party applications that can disable Windows Key, as well as one of these applications is WKey Disabler Much like previous apps that we pointed out, this is a free software and also mobile application and it will certainly range from your systray.

The application does not have any advanced attributes, and you can not also toggle it on or off. As soon as you begin the application your Windows Key and all its shortcuts will be automatically disabled.

Since there’s no chance to toggle the application off, the only method to make it possible for Windows Key once again is to disable the application. WKey Disabler is an easy device, and if you want to disable your Windows Key, do not hesitate to try it.

  1. Use Pc Registry Editor to block Windows Key hotkeys
  1. Open Up Computer System Registry Editor.
  2. When Computer registry Editor opens, from the left panel go to:: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Plans \ Explorer.

3.Right-click on that empty space in the right panel and pick New > DWORD (32-bit worth).

  1. Go into NoWinKeys as the name of the brand-new DWORD.
  2. how to disable windows key
  3. Double click NoWinKeys DWORD to open its buildings.
  4. Establish Worth information to 1 as well as click OK to conserve changes.
  5. how to disable windows key
  6. After you’re done, close Computer registry Editor and restart your computer to apply the adjustments.

Keep in mind:

When your PC reactivates you won’t be able to utilize Windows Key shortcuts at all. This serves if you intend to stop individuals from accessing certain hidden functions of your system by using Windows Key shortcuts. If you intend to disable Windows Key just, you might intend to try a few other services.

Use Team Plan Editor.

  1. Press Windows Key + R and also get in gpedit.msc. Press Get in or click OK.
  2. how to disable windows key
  3. Now navigate to the User Configuration system> Admin. Template > Windows Components > Data Explorer in the left pane.
  4. In the best pane, locate and double click the Turn off Windows Key hotkeys option.
  5. how to disable windows key
  6. Select that Enabled option and click on Apply and also okay to conserve changes.
  7. how to disable windows key
  8. After doing that, reboot your computer and inspect if that resolves the issue.

Keep in mind:

This is a simple option, however it should disable only Windows Key shortcuts. If you need to disable the Windows Key entirely, you could want to try a different option. Discover how to modify the Team Plan like a specialist with the help of this useful guide.

Windows Key is extremely useful, however it can in some cases be an issue throughout extreme pc gaming sessions. There are lots of means to disable it, and the best one is to set your key-board to Gaming mode.

If the keyboard does not sustain this function, you can conveniently disable Windows Key by using any one of our options.

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