How to Uninstall Chromium on Windows [QUICK 2021]

The article has information about how to uninstall chromium. The article has crucial facts about how to uninstall chromium. Chromium is an open-source web internet browser utilized and trusted by lots of Windows 10 gurus. Despite its good evaluations and stability in the industry, some users are facing concerns when trying to uninstall the Chromium. Reports say users are unable to uninstall the internet browser in the traditional way, which might result in more serious problems.

While this issue could be something as simple as an installation glitch, it might be a more severe problem involving malware. If you discover that you can’t uninstall Chromium, we suggest following our guides and removing it from your device. Later, you can constantly re-download a legitimate copy of the web browser, or switch to a new one.

What is Chromium and what is it malware?

Chromium itself is an open source web browser that is totally free of charge. It’s established and launched by Google, making it a very reliable application to put on your computer system. The huge bulk of its code was utilized as the source code for many of the most popular web browsers, including the Google Chrome.

In and of itself, Chromium is actually not malware and ought to not be removed instantly. We suggest investigating your process, along with the Chromium folder to see any red flags that could indicate a malware attack.

There are different types of malware that can disguising themselves as software, including browsers. This major issue is most prominent with open-source apps, as anyone has access to the designer’s code and can modify it. Destructive hackers and malware developers then re-upload the modified version to the internet. This makes downloading internet browsers from third-party sites really dangerous.

If the computer system has been contaminated by some type of Chromium malware, you’re probably unable to uninstall the application because of its customized code. While this isn’t the certain cause for the issue, we suggest that you follow among our methods to get rid of the potentially infected software application from your device.

How to uninstall Chromium utilizing control panel

Open the Control Panel, then pick Uninstall the program.

Select the Chromium from the list of programs, and after that click on the Uninstall button at the header of the list.

Click Uninstall in the verification dialog box.

Next, go to your AppData folder and totally uninstall that Chromium folder.

Empty the Recycle Bin to make sure all Chromium files and folders have actually been totally gotten rid of.

Lastly, reboot your computer system.

Signs that you have Chromium malware

There are few signs to keep an eye out for if you’re not exactly sure about your Chromium web browser. We’ve compiled a list of possible indications that signal your computer system is infected with this malware. If you acknowledge any of these concerns, we recommend immediately following the next area’s guides to eliminate the malicious app from your device.

You installed a known Chromium-based malware web browser. There are multiple Chromium-based internet browsers known to spread out malware. A few of these include BoBrowser, eFast, Olcinium, Pelikan, and Qword. These are only some web browsers from the many.

Your computer system has actually Chromium set up even if you didn’t manually download it yourself. If you all of a sudden see Chromium in your apps list regardless of never ever downloading it, it’s possible that a various destructive app installed it. This generally happens with freeware apps, which frequently pack their installers filled with undesirable offers.

Your default internet browser has actually been changed to Chromium without your approval. If you’ve discovered that every link you click opens in Chromium, that suggests your default browser has been altered to it. If you did not do it yourself, this is a big red flag.

You see sudden influx of ads, pop-ups, and site reroutes while browsing. Malware-infected web browsers reveal you a substantial quantity of ads, pop-ups, and website reroutes. These frequently prompt you to download apps, which the majority of the time also turn out to be malware.

Your search engine has been changed without your consent. By default, your online search engine should be something like Google or Bing. If this gets altered to any potentially shady looking search site, you’re most likely dealing with malware.

Whether you have a malware-infected copy of Chromium, the techniques listed below have what it takes to remove it from your gadget. This clears the security danger of Chromium and offers you a fresh start to reinstall a safe Chromium app.

Let’s not squander at any time and start repairing!

Method 1: End that running Chromium processes and uninstall manually

how to uninstall chromium

There is possibility that you’re simply unable to uninstall Chromium due to the fact that the procedure is still running in the background. This occurs with a variety of other applications also, especially if it’s enabled to keep working on the background after the program is closed.

To fight this, all you need to do is simply end any running Chromium processes manually, then try uninstalling it again.

Rightclick on any empty space in your taskbar, then select Task Manager from the context menu. Alternatively, utilize the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard faster way.

If the Task Manager introduced in compact mode, click the “More Details” button in the lower-left.

On the “Processes” tab, find and then single-click on “Chromium.”.

Click on that “End task” button available in the lower-right of the window. As soon as you see that Chromium has disappeared, you can try the uninstall by means of Settings → then Apps.

Method 2: Uninstall the Chromium from the Control Panel.

how to uninstall chromium

Many Windows 10 users donot even understand that the timeless Control Panel featured in renowned os such as Windows XP and then Windows 7 is still offered today. You cannot access it as easily as before, primarily due to the fact that the Settings app has actually taken its spot, but it is still there. And it is still just as useful as ever.

Instead of utilizing the uninstaller faster way or entering into the Settings app, attempt utilizing the Control Panel. You may have the ability to uninstall the Chromium.

Press those Windows + R keys on your keyboard all at once to introduce the Run application.

Key in the word “control” then click the okay button or press Enter on your keyboard. This will raise the traditional Control Panel.

Make sure that your view-mode is set to either “Small icons” or “Large icons” to ensure you see all the Control Panel items.

Click on the “Programs and Features” from the available menus.

Find “Chromium” and right-click on it once. Select “Uninstall” if readily available, then follow the on-screen directions to get rid of the software application.

Method 3: Delete the Chromium user information folders.

how to uninstall chromium

Almost every application on your gadget shops your individual user data, such as your usernames, cache, and preferences. If Chromium refuses to uninstall, you can try to delete this user information folder and try to uninstall the browser once again.

Here’s what you require to do.

Press the Windows + R keys on those keyboard concurrently to launch the Run application.

Type the “% appdata%” in the input field, click the okay button or press Enter on your keyboard. This will raise the File Explorer and automatically browse you to the AppData → Roaming folder.

Find that “Chromium” folder.

Rightclick on that “Chromium” folder, then select “Delete” from the context menu.

Next, raise the Run energy using the Windows + R keyboard faster way once again, and key in “% localappdata%”.

Discover and delete that “Chromium” folder here as well.

Navigate to the desktop and empty the Recycling Bin. This should eradiacate all the contents of the user information folders from your gadget.

Method 4: Use a third-party uninstaller software application to get rid of Chromium.

how to uninstall chromium

There are a variety of third-party applications specifically made to detect and get rid of all traces of unwanted application on your system. You can download and install such an application to try and get rid of Chromium too.

We will be installing IObit Uninstaller 9 Free, available for Windows 10. Nevertheless, you can utilize any other application you like– the procedure will be very comparable. Follow the actions below.

Click on this link to browse to the main IObit Uninstaller site.

Click the “Free download” button displayed on the homepage, then choose the “Download now” choice.

Once that download process has completed, open the installer and set up the software according to your requirements.

Release IObit Uninstaller.

Use the integrated search to locate “Chromium.”.

A brand-new window will open up within the application. Make sure to examine the “Automatically get rid of residual files” alternative.

Click on that application and use the “Uninstall” button to remove the Chromium along with any leftover files.

Method 5: Reset your web browser settings to default.

how to uninstall chromium

It’s possible that your default website was altered, or you just noticed some things unusual with your web browser after installing Chromium. In this case, we advise resetting your internet browser to its defaults. Remember that this will get rid of modified settings, whether it was by you or an app.

Follow those steps below to reset the browser settings to their defaults. We will be utilizing Google Chrome to show, however, the procedure needs to be similar on all internet browsers.

Open your web browser. Again, we’re using Google Chrome.

Click those 3 dots in the upper right corner of that browser. This is Google Chrome’s “More” menu.

Select the “Settings.”.

Scroll to the end of that page, click on “Advanced.”.

Again, scroll down to the bottom till you see “Reset and clean up.”.

Click “Restore settings to their initial defaults.”.

Click the “Reset settings” button and await Google Chrome to relaunch.

Method 6: Scan your computer for malware.

how to uninstall chromium

Finally, an extensive virus scan is absolutely your best option after or throughout the removal of Chromium. As the opportunity of an infection is reasonably high, it’s a great measure to cleanup anything left behind by Chromium.

Below here is a small guide on how to utilize Malwarebytes for scanning and removing the viruses and other types of malware from the devices. However, you can use almost any antivirus app– it’s up to your preference.

Release your anti-viruses application. Again, we are using Malwarebytes to demonstrate this process.

Click the “Scan” alternative using the application’s left-side menu.

Click on that “Start Scan” button to start malware scan on your gadget.

Wait on Malwarebytes to complete scanning your PC for malware. If any harmful files are discovered, you can right away neutralize them by permitting Malwarebytes to put them in quarantine.

Optionally, enable Malwarebytes to delete the destructive files from your PC.

We hope these methods were able to guide you through the process of removing the Chromium when it won’t uninstall.

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