PS Freezing and Lagging Issues [FIXED] [MAGA USERS]

Are you also tired by PS5 freezing and lagging? This article will show what to do when you face PS5 freeze and lagging. If you’re a severe PS5 player and love to play for long on your PS5, you might have already experienced the PS5 freezing and lagging issue sometimes in the middle of playing games setting up something, which is thought about a problem for most PS5 users.

Although PS5 is a well-made, strong, and wise gadget, some performance concerns might take place which can be a real problem especially when these problems occur in the middle of playing fascinating games.

In fact, there are numerous problems that happen to PS5, freezing, and lagging are the common ones. This issue includes PS5 console freezing and shutting down throughout the gameplay, PS5 console freezing during the setup, video game lagging, etc.

There can be different factors behind PS5 freezing concern, a few of these being provided below.

The PS5 internal storage device is malfunctioning,

There’s no sufficient usable storage area in the PS5 internal storage,

Your web connection is sluggish or unsteady,

Faulty hardware or an actually out-dated PS5 system software variation,

System software bugs and problems,

Poor ventilation that leads to the PS5 to overheat or some hardware components to breakdown, therefore the general PS5 performance degrades,

A crowded or clogged up cache,

There have actually been some problems in the PS5 database since it’s jumbled or malfunctioned,

PS5 Overheating, and A software application (i.e. game or app) problem.

But, whatever the factor lags the freezing or lagging of the PlayStation 5, there’s always an escape of any tickle. If you’re looking for such solutions, then keep reading this guide. Here, in this short article, we provide a number of techniques through which help you quickly fix your PS5 lagging and freezing problem

7 Methods to Fix the PS5 freezing and lagging problem.

Freezing and Lagging of PS5 system can be caused by concerns associated with either hardware or software application or both.

Below are noted the most common services specialists use to fix the PS5 freezing and lagging problems.

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1. Switch off and On the PS5

Turning off the PS5 then turning it on again after a minute or so can tremendously assist the PS5 system willpower efficiency concerns without the requirement for any extra action.

Really, sporadically switching off your PS5, even if you’ve simply had a new PS5 set up, at least as soon as a week can minimize its effectiveness and trigger problems and downturns. So, while you think you are saving the time by not completely switching off and rebooting your PS5 console, it can really be slowing you down and causing the freezing and lagging concern of which you complain.

Restarting both keeps your PS5 console healthy and can fix PS5 issues you might be having with memory or specific apps/games not working properly.

In order to reboot your PS5 the proper way that will fix your problems, please follow the actions below:

1. You need to go to the PS5 control center menu, which you can access by pressing the PlayStation logo on your new DualSense controller.

PS5 freeze and lagging

2. In the nerve center, scroll all the way to the right-hand side of the menu until you’re hovering over the power button.

PS5 freeze and lagging

3. Click the power button and you’ll exist with three choices to power down your console. This includes the ‘Enter Rest Mode’, ‘Turn Off PS5’, and ‘Restart PS5’.

PS5 freeze and lagging

4. Select your desired option from the 3 choices, in this case, ‘Turn off PS5’, which will close all video games and apps, and close down your PS5 system.

5. Once you are specific that the PS5 is totally turned off, Unplug the power cable of the PS5 when the light goes off on the console.

6. Wait for around 3 minutes.

7. Plug the power cable back in the PS5 and click on the PS button on your controller to turn on PS5.

8. Now, attempt to play games. It may run very smoothly without any freezing and lagging issues.

If the above technique does not work, follow the below approaches to fix your PS5 freezing and lagging issue.

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2. Examining the PS5 Internal Storage Device

You might be facing the freezing and lagging problem in your PS5 due to a defective PS5 internal storage device that you have actually recently added to your console. A defective storage device can slow down the system. So, it is always recommended to check your PS5 secondary internal storage device as it may be dealing with issues, especially when you feel your console is getting too hot on the side where that secondary internal storage device is positioned.

It is also possible that the primary PS5 internal storage device is degrading and losing performance and causing that issue. If you presume such a thing, it is recommended to speak with a professional to fix it for you.

So, to examine if the PS5 secondary internal storage device is safely connected to the PS5 or there is any physical damage to it and to alter that gadget, follow these actions.

1. Switch off the PS5 entirely by pressing the power button and holding it for at least 7 seconds till you hear two beep noises which will verify that the PS5 is shut off totally.

2. Detach the power cable and all the other cable televisions, if there is any, attached to the console.

3. Pull the secondary internal storage out and away, towards the left of the system, in order to remove it.

4. Examine if the brand-new internal storage device is correctly set on its bay cover and correctly screwed to the board.

5. If you discover any physical damage to the secondary internal storage device and you need to change it, remove the screw from the board and change it with a new one.

Keep in mind: Removing the PS5 secondary storage includes taking apart the device. So, you require to be careful.

After completing the above actions, check if PS5 is freezing or lagging.

3. Update PS5 applications and the PS5 itself

The PS5 might be freezing and lagging because of not being upgraded to the most recent version. So, by upgrading the PS5 applications and installing the current version of the PS5 system software, the problem might be repaired.

To update the PS5 applications, follow these actions:

1. On the PS5 home screen, highlight the application that requires to be updated.

2. Press that “Options button” on the controller.

3. Click Check for Updates from the menu that appears.

PS5 freeze and lagging

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the updates offered for that particular application.

5. Once all the updates are installed, reboot your PS5.

6. Likewise, update the other PS5 applications.

As for how to upgrade the PS5 system software to the current variation, please see this official PlayStation 5 webpage to learn more about that.

4. Free up the Space On the PS5 Storage Device

Your PS5 console may undergo freezing and lagging concerns if the internal storage device is full or almost full. When the main storage device has a percentage of free space, the cache files, which are extremely essential for the system efficiency, will have no location to remain in, therefore they will be pushed in a queue waiting on their turn to be saved. This will result in system malfunction that looks to you as freezing or lagging.

Therefore it is really crucial to ensure you have enough free space on your PS5 internal storage device. It’s advisable that you keep at least 10GB of free space on your PS5 main storage device for optimal efficiency.

To free up some area in your PS5 internal storage device in order to avoid PS5 freezing and lagging issues, please follow these actions listed below:

1. Initially, select the Settings cog wheel on the top right of the PS5’s home screen.

PS5 freeze and lagging

2. Then, scroll down and choose Storage. This will bring you to screen found listed below.

PS5 freeze and lagging

3. Here, you can select from Games and Apps, Media Gallery, Saved Data, and Other.

4. Games and Apps will likely be taking up the bulk of storage. Here’s where you can erase video games you are finished with or aren’t currently playing to produce some space.

PS5 freeze and lagging

5. On the screen, you can individually select multiple games and apps to delete from the hard disk. Games like Call of Duty can use up as much as 200 GB of space on the PS5’s SSD.

6. You can likewise delete old conserved images and videos under Media Gallery. These can pile up quickly if you are sharing images on social networks from the PS5.

If you’re playing PS4 video games on PS5, an external disk drive is a solid alternative. PS5 video games require the SSD, though, so don’t bother installing new video games on a disk drive.

5. Restore the PS5 database

The PS5 database gets blocked with time which makes it ineffective and sluggish. Likewise, with time, when the information storage increases, the database gets corrupted. Because case, you may require to restore the PS5 database as this will considerably increase the console’s performance and will definitely reduce the lagging and freezing problem. To put it simply, restoring the database on your PlayStation 5 can aid with concerns related to your game freezing or frame rate drops.

Note: Rebuilding the PS5 database might take a long period of time depending on the PS5 type and data storage.

By developing a new database, your Playstation will scan the drive and produce a new database of all material on the system.

1. Turn off console by pressing the power button

2. The power indicator will blink for few moments prior to turning off

3. When the system is off, press and hold the power button once again

4. Release it after you hear the second beep

5. One beep will sound when you first press, and another 7 seconds later

6. Connect the controller with the USB cable

7. Press the PlayStation button on the controller

8. Select Rebuild Database

After the rebuilding process is completed, attempt to use the PS5 again and inspect if the freezing and lagging concerns are repaired or not.

6. Check the internet connection

If you play online video games and you have a sluggish web connection, your PS5 system will certainly freeze and lag. In order to run the PS5 efficiently with the very best online gaming experience, you need to have an excellent internet connection. So, by inspecting the web connection on your PS5, you may be familiar with if the internet is the reason behind the freezing and lagging of your PS5. For that reason, testing the web connection with your console can provide insight into any issues you might be experiencing.

To inspect the web connection, carry out these actions:

1. Start your console

2. Select the Settings menu located in the upper right corner beside your Profile photo

3. Select Network

4. Click Test Internet Connection

5. Take a screenshot of the results

You may want to reboot your Wi-Fi router, as this might assist repair this problem also.

7. Check the Power Source

An unsteady source of power or faulty power cable can trigger the PS5 to freeze and lag. Inspect that everything related to your power connection is intact and doesn’t undergo any sort of lack or instability.

If PS5 started to freeze and lag after power rise, your PS5 power supply might be malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

8. Factory Reset PS5

Factory resetting the PS5 is the last option you need to go for if absolutely nothing has actually fixed your PS5 freezing and lagging problem. This operation will actually delete everything on your PS5 internal storage device and set up a fresh, tidy copy of the PS5 system software. For that reason, if your PS5 system would freeze and lag due a file/data corruption or system file disputes, this technique will resolve this problem.

In order to factory reset PS5 and then reinstall the PS5 system software from scratch, do the following:

1. Press the Power button on the console to turn it off.

PS5 freeze and lagging

2. Press and hold the Power button up until you hear a 2nd beep (about 10 seconds).

PS5 freeze and lagging

3. Link a PS5 controller to the console and press the PS button.

4. Select Reset PS5 from the safe mode menu. Await the console to restart as regular.

PS5 freeze and lagging

This method should work and get your PS5 out of the freezing and lagging conditions. If even this approach does not help solve your problem, you require to call a professional technician to repair it for you.

9. Contact PlayStation Support

If you have actually tried every technique in this guide to no avail, and your PS5 is still freezing and lagging, there is a likelihood that you have a sort of hardware failure that needs to alter or repair. Simply click this link and go to the PlayStation customer assistance and follow the instructions illustrated there.


The PS5 console is a great video game maker that has lots of powerful and incredible features, however that does not make it in any way best. It may stop working and have some serious efficiency issues, much like any machine. So, do anticipate the PS5 to freeze and lag sometimes, especially when you have an incompatibility concern with a video game that is not coded completely to fully accommodate with the Playstation 5 system.

If your PlayStation 5 is freezing and lagging and you require more support, we are happy to do that for you. Simply comment listed below and explain to us your issue and we will be more than pleased to assist.

PS5 Freezing & Lagging FAQ

Why does my PS5 keep freezing?

There are several reasons the PS5 keeps freezing that we have currently outlined in detail in this guide. However, in brief, the PS5 keeps freezing and lagging if there’s a problem with the power source, the PS5 internal storage device has a performance concern, the PS5 database is corrupted, the internet connection is unstable, and other factors that you can discover in our guide.

How to repair PS5 freezing and lagging problems?

Repairing the PS5 freezing and lagging concerns requires from you to attempt various approaches up until one of them works finally. In fact, most of PS5 freezing and lagging concerns can simply be fixed with a simple PS5 factory reset, however that leads to losing all your information and games and begin with the very start.

What to do if the PS5 freezing?

When the PS5 freezes, the really first thing to do is to restart it. If that doesn’t work, try to reconstruct the PS5 database and free up some free space on the PS5 internal storage device. Please read this guide for more services for this issue.

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