Refund a game on Steam? [QUICK FIX] [MAGA USERS]

Do you want to know how to refund a game on steam? If you’re here since you want to discover how to refund a game on Steam (and what the rules and limitations are for doing so), you’re in the best location! Whether you’re aiming to return an undesirable gift or just having some buyer’s regret, we have you covered.

Before we delve into the procedure, let’s take a look at which video games are qualified for refunds.

Which games are qualified for refunds?

To maximize your chances of a Steam game getting reimbursed, you require to ask for the refund within two weeks of purchase and have less than 2 hours of gameplay on the title in question. If you meet both of the requirements, you are probably to get the refund approved by Steam Support when you try it.

However, Steam Support is permitted to make refund choices of its own discretion. Once you’re past 2 hours of playtime, your possibilities of a refund are considerably lowered unless the game is known to have severe technical issues.

As soon as you’re past two weeks from purchase, refund demands will almost never ever work.

If your refund request is approved, you can have the amount refunded to either your initial payment approach or your Steam Wallet. If you pick to refund to your Steam Wallet, you’ll get your money back much faster but will only have the ability to invest it on other Steam video games, items, and so on.

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Can gifts be reimbursed?

Let’s face it: not every Steam game you receive as a gift is going to be a terrific one. If you have no strategy of playing the talented game and want the financial worth rather, you can have it reimbursed as long as you aren’t breaking the two hour/14 day rule. The refund procedure is basically identical, but the recipient needs to initiate it, and the purchaser needs to verify the refund. Once the refund is verified, the amount paid will be reimbursed to the purchaser’s original payment method or Steam Wallet.

Enough of the guidelines talk: here’s how to get your refund!

How to Refund on Steam

Initially, open Steam and click “Help,” then click “Steam Support.”

refund a game on steam

In Steam Support, you’ll see a list of recent items, in addition to numerous buttons in a list simply listed below them. If the game you wish to refund remains in current items, go on and click that game’s entry here– if not, find it in Purchases, then continue to the next step.

refund a game on steam

On the page for the game you want to refund, you’ll get a long list of options that must look something like the image listed below. To quickly submit a refund, you’ll want to select either “It’s not what I expected” or “I bought this by mishap.” Either choice will offer you the followup of submitting a refund.

refund a game on steam

In the next screen, click “I ‘d like to request a refund.”

refund a game on steam

Steam will take a minute to inspect the refund eligibility of your game against the guidelines set out earlier. If you pass, you can then choose to refund the game’s cost to either your Steam Wallet or the payment method utilized to buy it!

refund a game on steam

Wrapping Up

As you can see, it is easy to refund a game from Steam if it is within their refund policy. If you prefer to share your video games with others, learn how you can share your Steam library with your household or fix your Steam video games when they don’t open.

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