Best privacy Discord vs TeamSpeak [MUST KNOW 2021]

The article shows information regarding TeamSpeak vs Discord. The post have similarities & differences in this post of TeamSpeak vs Discord. If you’re reading this, opportunities are high that you’re a gamer who’s looking to discover the best way to connect with other gamers just like yourself. The online video gaming neighborhood is known to be a social lot that emphasizes on the communication. That leads to the natural question you have in your head: TeamSpeak vs Discord, which one is better?

It is very helpful to have some background information to show how both these platforms have grown and developed for many years. TeamSpeak was among the very first such digital communication services. Discord is relatively newer entry into the fold. Nevertheless, in these couple of years, it has actually handled to develop quite a reputation for itself.
In a nutshell, TeamSpeak is expected to serve as a VoIP service. On the other hand, Discord provide various essential features in addition to a reputable VoIP service.

But there are numerous other resemblances in addition to distinctions that enable both these platforms to regularly fight it out as the favored option for the neighborhood. The two most important classifications to consider are unquestionably service and personal privacy. This comparison pits the two based upon these categories while also answering some other important concerns like how much bandwidth does TeamSpeak utilize vs Discord.


Here is how TeamSpeak performs based on its services and privacy functions for its users.


TeamSpeak is a VoIP service that has actually been in the marketplace since August 2002. In the market which was visibly diluted at the time, it carved out a niche for itself amongst gamers. It has actually never looked back because as TeamSpeak maintains a devoted user base that has actually assisted it grow. Despite being in business for nearly twenty years, its standard formula for success stays unchanged.

TeamSpeak vs Discord

It utilizes few resources on the users’ devices, allowing for optimal performance without straining the users connection. This ensure that its potential users are not deflected by things like low-specs. This has actually constantly been a major advantage for TeamSpeak in the TeamSpeak vs Discord dispute.
However, there are few gaping holes in its performance too. The most notable amongst these is the design that can be confusing. While you ‘d expect a service that prides itself on simplicity to have a likewise simplistic UI, it is unexpected that TeamSpeak can be hard to use for such new users.

Unlike joining a server through shared links, users should copy an IP address of the server and by hand link to it. There’s no automated bookmarking either so that needs to be done by hand too.

TeamSpeak vs Discord

Similarly, a server is not totally free to produce or utilize either. The expense depends on how many customer slots you wish to have on our server.

Personal privacy

In theory, TeamSpeak is an extremely flexible app. This has actually typically been the reason for a lot of TeamSpeak’s success over the years. Nevertheless, in this specific case, it might be a cause for severe concern among its users.
While TeamSpeak has actually never disclosed specific details about its personal privacy measures, it has shown that all participants’ IP addresses show up to the server admin. Throughout the years, this has been the subject of extreme argument among the TeamSpeak community.

TeamSpeak vs Discord

On one hand, this has actually enabled the service to make sure that it can keep its neighborhood safe from any offenders. At the same time, enabling the mods to have access to such important info on all users seriously endangers users’ privacy online.

Thankfully, there is an easy method around this problem thanks to a VPN. A VPN can successfully mask your IP, keeping your real address safe from any mod on TeamSpeak.


Here’s a take a look at Discord’s services and personal privacy options are available to its users.


On the other side of all this TeamSpeak vs Discord dispute is the newer entry, Discord. It was released in May 2015 and ended up being an immediate hit. Its quick rise to fame is finest described by the truth that it has actually currently turned into one of the most secondhand VoIP services of all time.
As it’s newer service, it offers some significant benefits compared to TeamSpeak, such as larger storage capacity. Discord offers its users 100MB of storage space. This includes an option to add video games to the quick launch alternative that would allow you to access video games straight from your Discord.

TeamSpeak vs Discord
Moreover, you can purchase several games directly from Discord at a discount. All the servers on Discord are complimentary to use and unlike TeamSpeak, it has no overlay software application that might result in a lag.
However, as you ‘d expect, it has its disadvantages as well. The main problem is its disk use. In the TeamSpeak vs Discord argument, Discord constantly loses out when it comes to impeding other processes because of taking up a lot of memory. This is irritating for some users as this significant barrier is by design.
Discord utilizes innovative API and integration. While this gives Discord a sleeker appearance compared to TeamSpeak, it makes it much more power-hungry and a stress on the users’ devices.

Personal privacy

Unfortunately, regardless of an outstanding variety of features, Discord has some troubling personal privacy practices too. It gathers information on user activity while likewise retaining more delicate info such as device ID, IP address, and exactly what other services you use apart from the Discord when on Discord servers.
Discord declares that it does not share this info with external celebrations and utilizes it to identify its user demographics. Nevertheless, it offers no proof to support this claim and expects users to take its word for it.
Keeping that mind, Discord can not declare to be completely safe as it is noticeably and blatantly breaking its users’ privacy. I ‘d highly recommend users choose a safe and secure Discord VPN to prevent having their activities kept an eye on

Final Verdict

There are several facets to consider in this TeamSpeak vs Discord argument. However, as this comparison aimed to narrow the focus to two crucial categories, it becomes clear that both services have something distinct to use.

Discord unquestionably trumps TeamSpeak as far as service goes because it can offer numerous helpful features that elevate the general video gaming experience. On the other hand, TeamSpeak encounters as the “much safer” choice of the two. It does not log details for any function and its IP tracking can be quickly evaded through a TeamSpeak VPN.

At the end, it all really depends upon what the user is searching for. For users that worth efficiency above all and do not mind the periodic infringement of personal privacy, Discord is a no-brainer. Nevertheless, users that value their digital privacy above all will discover TeamSpeak to be the much better option of the two.

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